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Sonidos X

Esta es la mas grande coleccion de sonidos que he encontrado en la red, por lo mientras estan en el sitio de Joe's X-Files Page, (gracias por no lincharme) visitalo, es de los mejores que he visto. Puedes bajar los sonidos en paquetes de a 50.

Del 1 al 50
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Sonido 1 - The X-Files Theme
Sonido 2 - (Mulder) - How can I disprove lies that are stamped with an official seal?
(Some Government Guy) - That will be all Mr. Mulder.
(Mulder) - *Sigh*, you can deny all of the things I've seen, all the things I've discovered but not for much longer because too many others know what's happening up there and no one, no government agency has jurisdiction over the truth.
Sonido 3 - (Mr. X) - They only have one policy...deny everything.
Sonido 4 - (Mulder) - You ever had the suspicion that you've been abducted by aliens?
Sonido 5 - (Scully) - Not everything's about you Mulder.
Sonido 6 - (Scully) - Meanwhile I've quit the FBI and become a spokesperson for the Ab-Roller
Sonido 7 - (Scully) - Mulder why can't you just accept the facts?
Sonido 8 - (Cancerman) - I'm not afraid to die.
Sonido 9 - (Mulder) - I know what you're afraid of...I'm afraid of the same thing.
Sonido 10 - (Mulder) - Hey Scully do you believe in an afterlife?
(Scully) - I'd settle for a life in this one.
Sonido 11 - (Cancerman) - As long as I'm alive that doesn't happen.
Sonido 12 - (Mulder) - So it's actually possible to alter somebody else's dreams?
(Scully) - In theroy yes.
Sonido 13 - (Skinner) - But you can't ask the truth of a man who trades in lies.
Sonido 14 - (Skinner) This is where you pucker up and kiss my ass.
Sonido 15 - (Skinner) - Des Ga Zulu Scakorai (I think that't how you spell it, what do you think?)
(Mulder) - I didn't get his name, I was too busy getting my ass kicked.
Sonido 16 - (Mulder) - That's a bad thing?
Sonido 17 - (Scully) - Business must be booming.
(Mulder) - I think you mean banging.
Sonido 18 - (One of the Lone Gunmen) -Vladimir Gurinovski, leader of the Russian social democrats. He's been put into puwer by the most hanous and evil force of the twentyith century.
(Mulder) - Barney?
Sonido 19 - (Mulder) - Why don't you go to the bathroom and clean yourself off. If you're not outta there in three minutes I'm coming in there to kill you.
Sonido 20 - Did you really think you could call up the devil and ask him to behave?
Sonido 21 - (Mulder) Take your best shot Scully but I think there's more going on here then Luke Skywalker and his light saber.
Sonido 22 - (Scully) That;s beyond my capabilities here to make that kind of analysis.
Sonido 23 - (Mulder) The development of out serebral cortex has been the greatest achievment of the evolutionary processes, big deal.
Sonido 24 - (Mulder) - How would this happen?
(Scully) - Birds and the bees and the monkey babies Mulder.
Sonido 25 - (Mulder) - It's not really black hole season either.
Sonido 26 - (Scully) - Well of course he didn't actually say bleeped he said...
Sonido 27 - (Scully) - Well if it's that simple why don't you put out an APB for someone riding a broom and wearing a tall black hat.
Sonido 28 - (Frohike) - If that's the lovely agent Scully, let her know i've been working out...I'm buff.
Sonido 29 - Your contact while interesting in the context of science fiction was, at least in my memory recounting a poorly vailed synopsis of an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Sonido 30 - (Skinner) - You can't do this.
Sonido 31 - (Cancerman) - I couldn't care less.
Sonido 32 - (Mulder) - Yeah spiritual figures not often leave fingerprints, Casper never did.
Sonido 33 - (Skinner) - So what your saying agent Scully is that we're being catalogued, tagged, and inventoried?
Sonido 34 - (Scully) - Mulder if you had to do without a cell phone for two minutes you'd lapse into catatonic scitsofrenia.
Sonido 35 - (Scully) - I am as certain about this as you have ever been.
Sonido 36 - (Scully) - I know it probably doesn't have the sense of closure that you want, but it has more then some of our other cases.
Sonido 37 - (Mulder) - Thanks for your concern.
Sonido 38 - (Scully) - You know what these are, confirm of deny.
Sonido 39 - (Scully) - Conventional investigation of these cases may decrease the rate of success.
Sonido 40 - (Skinner) - What did you have me coverup?
Sonido 41 - (Scully) - You never saw this, this didn't happen, you tell anyone, your a dead man.
Sonido 42 - (Skinner) - No I want an explanation.
(Mulder) - Your cigarette smoking friend killed my father for that tape and then he killed me.
(Skinner) - What are you talking about?
(Mulder) - I was a dead man, now I'm back.
Sonido 43 - (Cancerman) - You think I'm the devil Mr. Skinner?
Sonido 44 - (Cancerman) - A man digs a hole he risks falling into it.
Sonido 45 - (Mulder) - You see what happens when you drink and drive.
Sonido 46 - (Mulder) - Eenee meenie chilie beanie the spirits are about to speak.
Sonido 47 - (Mulder) - Scully would you think less of me as a man if I told you I was kinda excited right now?
Sonido 48 - (Scully) - I think sir that this is more along my field of expertise.
Sonido 49 - (Mulder) - This may not be anytime to mention it but someone is wearing my favorite perfume.
Sonido 50 - (Mulder) - FBI, F B I
Sonido 51 - (Mulder) - You! You were there Scully! You saw it, you heard it, why can't you feel it?
Sonido 52 - (Cancerman) - The firecest enemy is the man who has nothing left to lose.
Sonido 53 - (Mulder) - If I find out you lied to me, your a dead man.
Sonido 54 - (Scully) - Why would he leave his own country to come here?
(Mulder) - Free cable.
Sonido 55 - (Scully) - I don't know but it would have to be a Government agency.
Sonido 56 - (Mulder) - Guess I'm not dead.
Sonido 57 - (Mulder & Scully) - Put that gun down!
Sonido 58 - (Some woman) - Then he must have shown you the...secret handshake.
Sonido 59 - (Skinner) - Does something happen that I should know about?
Sonido 60 - (Scully) - Your not suggesting that a headless body kicked it's way out of a latched morgue freezer are you?
Sonido 61 - (Scully) - I think i've heard enough.
Sonido 62 - (Mulder) - I was just there, where did I go?
Sonido 63 - (Mulder) - You can believe what you want to believe Scully...but you can't hide the truth from me because if you do you're working against me, and yourself.
Sonido 64 - (Mulder) - Why can't you be honest with me?
Sonido 65 - (Mulder) - I hope that's the truth.
Sonido 66 - (Skinner) - I want to know how the hell this happened.
Sonido 67 - (Mulder) - How the hell should I know?
Sonido 68 - (Mulder) - Have you ever found a metal implant in your body?
Sonido 69 - (Skinner) - I followed your instructions.
Sonido 70 - (Mulder) - In the future i'll make sure that all those people being interviewed provide you with a multimedia laser show to keep your interest maintained
Sonido 71 - (Mulder) - He didn't even touch his Jello.
Sonido 72 - (Scully) - It is my experience that lawyers ask the wrong questions only when they don't want the right answer.
Sonido 73 - (Cancerman) - The less you know the better.
Sonido 74 - (Cancerman) - Your lies have killed more men in a day then I have in a lifetime.
Sonido 75 - (Skinner) - We've just recieved information that your life may be in danger.
Sonido 76 - (Skinner) - Alright people listenup because we don't have much time here.
Sonido 77 - (Scully) - I don't know why I'm standing here listening to this.
Sonido 78 - (Cancerman) - What's the matter, don't you believe in miracles?
Sonido 79 - (Mulder) - There's a Michael Jackson joke in here somewhere but I can't quite find it.
Sonido 80 - (Cancerman) - I wouldn't get too comfortable on your moral high ground Mr. Skinner.
Sonido 81 - (Mulder) - So your refusing an assignment based on the adventures of moose and squirrel?
Sonido 82 - (Mulder) - There goes the neighborhood.
Sonido 83 - (Mulder) - That's official FBI business.
Sonido 84 - (Mulder) - Well you got yourself a nice paperweight.
Sonido 85 - (Cancerman) - Payback's a bitch.
Sonido 86 - (Mulder) - You lookin at me? There ain't no one else here so you must be looking at me. You want a peice of this?
Sonido 87 - (Scully) - You know that guy really pisses me off.
Sonido 88 - (Mulder) - Pick out something black and sexy and prepare to do some funky poaching.
Sonido 89 - (Mulder) - Does your policy cover the acts of extraterrestrials?
Sonido 90 - (Scully) - Oh promise me this isn't leading to something embarrassing.
Sonido 91 - (Skinner) - Find another way to push the button.
Sonido 92 - (Cancerman) - You're in no position to question the terms of our arrangement.
Sonido 93 - (Skinner) - You might want to reconsider.
Sonido 94 - (Mulder) - After all I've seen and experienced I refuse to believe that it's not true.
Sonido 95 - (Scully) - Mulder, I don't even know how to respond to that.
Sonido 96 - (Scully) - You are only responsible to yourself Mulder.
Sonido 97 - (Scully) - Is that a rhetorical question sir?
Sonido 98 - (Skinner) - Are you sure?
Sonido 99 - (Scully) - Did he have a light saber?
Sonido 100 - (Scully) - I'm agent Scully, may I show you something?
Sonido 101 - (Mulder) - Your an invertabrate scumsucker whose moral dipstick is about two drops short of bone dry.
Sonido 102 - (Skinner) - Alright now I'm flying by the seat of my pants.
Sonido 103 - (A man is black) - Your scientific illiteracy makes me shudder.
Sonido 104 - (Scully) - Spooky Mulder.
Sonido 105 - (Mulder) - Hey, I heard you were down here doing some slicing and dycing, whose the lucky stiff?
Sonido 106 - (Skinner) - This news comes as the worst kind of surprise agent Scully.
Sonido 107 - (Scully) - We'll take care of it.
Sonido 108 - (Skinner) - Talk to me people does anybody have him?
Sonido 109 - (Mulder) - Good night. This is where my tax dollars go?
Sonido 110 - (Mulder) - What is that look Scully?
Sonido 111 - (Scully) - But on the net Mulder he can find out practically anything about you.
Sonido 112 - (Mulder) - I've seen too many things not to believe.
Sonido 113 - (Scully) - The truth is in me.
Sonido 114 - (Mulder) - The truth will save you Scully, I think it'll save both of us.
Sonido 115 - (Mulder) - Well just find yourself a man with a spotless genetic makeup and a really high tolerance for being second guest and start pumping out all of the little UberScullies.
Sonido 116 - (Cancerman) - This only happend because you left your job unfinished.
Sonido 117 - (Mr. X) - Don't unlock doors your not prepared to go through agent Scully.
Sonido 118 - (A man in black) - No other object has been misidentified as a flying saucer more often then the planet Venus.
Sonido 119 - (Cancerman) - I suggest you keep your voice down Mr. Skinner unless you want your neighbors to know the hours or the company you keep.
Sonido 120 - (Mulder) - What's going on up there?
Sonido 121 - (Skinner) - What do you want from me?
Sonido 122 - (Skinner) - What do you want agent Mulder?
(Mulder) - I want some answers?
Sonido 123 - (Mulder) - And your in the wrong house you stupid son of a bitch, you were never here you liar.
Sonido 124 - (Mr. X) - Your going in the wrong direction agent Scully.
Sonido 125 - (Mulder) - I paid my $29.95 Scully, I think I'm entitled to a few more answers, don't you think?
Sonido 126 - (Mulder) - I hear you have a list.
Sonido 127 - (Secretary) - Agent Mulder has arrived.
(Skinner) - Send him right in.
Sonido 128 - (Scully) - Beleaving's the easy part Mulder.
Sonido 129 - (Mulder) - They give bonafile paranoids like myself a bad name.
Sonido 130 - (Mulder) - Yea but only one who owneed a silver Sierra and went bungee jumping with medical gos wrapped around his neck.
Sonido 131 - (Skinner) - Save it agent Mulder, save it for your report because until this matter is cleared up your butt and mine are in a sling and your investigation, official or otherwise is terminated.
Sonido 132 - (Cancerman) - That's the phonecall I never wanted to get.
Sonido 133 - (Mulder) - I'm agent Fox Mulder, this is agent Dana Scully, we're with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you mind if we come in?
Sonido 134 - (Mulder) - And you'll call me if anything happens.
Sonido 135 - (Scully) - Can you determine the cause of death? My instinct says that burial in cement is murder.
Sonido 136 - (Scully) - Oh promise me this isn't leading to something really embarrasing.
Sonido 137 - (Deep Throat) - That's systematically destroying all the evidence.
Sonido 138 - (Scully) - There has got to be an explaination.
Sonido 139 - (Mulder) - I can't give up, not as long as the truth is out there.
Sonido 140 - (Mulder) - Could someone have uh hacked into the system?
Sonido 141 - (Section Cheip Blevins) - Are you familiar with the so called X-Files?
(Scully) - I believe they have to do with unexplained phenomena.
Sonido 142 - (Mulder) - What is the magic word?
Sonido 143 - (Mulder) - Mulder
(Scully) - Mulder it's me, I need to see you, I've got something here I think you should know about.
Sonido 144 - (Cancerman) - We tell you only what you need to know.
Sonido 145 - (Scully) - How did you know what the password was?
Sonido 146 - (Skinner) - As of right now I'm re-opening the X-Files.
Sonido 147 - (Mulder) - This isn't where you tell me some terrible story about sushi is it?
(Scully) - Well maybe you'd rather hear what you can catch from a nice rare steak.
(Mulder) - So what the murder weapon was a top serloin?
Sonido 148 - (Mulder) - They're shutting us down Scully.
Sonido 149 - (Mulder) - You know they say three species disappear off the planet everyday, you wnder how many new ones are being created.
Sonido 150 - (Scully) - I came to talk to you.
Sonido 151 - (Mulder) Wrap it up and send it to the FBI care of assistant director Skinner.
Sonido 152 - (Scully) - Mulder come on, you've got two blurry photos, one of them taken almost fifty years ago, and another one you purchased today in a roadside diner, your going out in a pretty big limb.
(Mulder) - Tell me there isn't a remarkable resemblance.
(Scully) - Tell me one good reason why either of these photos is authentic.
Sonido 153 - (Mulder) - Tell me I'm crazy.
(Scully) - Mulder, your crazy.
Sonido 154 - (Mulder) - Can I buy you a drink?
(Scully) - It's two-o-clock on the afternoon agent Mulder.
(Mulder) - It's not stopping the rest of these people.
Sonido 155 - (Scully) - Does this have something to do with an X-File?
Sonido 156 - (Scully) - Mulder did you see their eyes? If i were that stoned...
(Mulder) - Oooh, if you were that stoned what?
Sonido 157 - (Mulder) - You didn't come to raid my minibar, did you?
Sonido 158 - (Mulder) - There's something I didn't tell you Scully.
(Scully) - Something else?
Sonido 159 - (Scully) - Just because I can't explain it, doesn't mean I'm gonna believe they were UFOs.
Sonido 160 - (Mulder) - It's all typical of a characteristic of a typical abduction.
(Scully) - That's my problem with it Mulder It's all a little too typical
Sonido 161 - (Mulder) - Before I knew it I was aboard the hover vessle, and was haeding not into outer space but into inner space toward the earth's molten core, where that is the domain of the third alien, whose name, he soon told me was Lord Kinboat.
Sonido 162 - (Jose Chung) - And truth is as subjective as reality.
Sonido 163 - (Scully) - That was detectice Manners, he said they just found your bleepin UFO.
Sonido 164 - (Mulder) - He said it happened before the abduction, and so what if they had sex?
(Scully) - So we don't know it was an alien that probed her.
Sonido 165 - (Mulder) - How big can these things get?
(Scully) *laugh* Mulder I... I'm sorry, felt like old times there for a second.
Sonido 166 - (City Worker) - Watch yourself.
(Mulder) - Ya, wouldn't wanna step in anything.
Sonido 167 - (Scully) - It's called terbularia. Or it's commonly known as a fluke or flat worm.
(Mulder) - This was living inside the body?
(Scully) - Apparently it had attached itself to the bial duct and was feeding off the liver.
(Mulder) - Lovely.
(Scully) - Beleive it or not something like forty million people are infected worldwide.
(Mulder) - This isn't where you tell me some terrible story about sushi, is it?
(Scully) - Well maybe you'd rather hear what you can catch drom a nice rare steak.
(Mulder) - So what, the murder weapon was a top serloin?
Sonido 168 - (Scully) - This seat taken?
(Mulder) - No, but I should warn you I'm experiencing violent impulses.
(Scully) - Well I'm armed so I'll take my chances.
Sonido 169 - (Mulder) - You know sometimes it just gets hard to smile through it when they ask you to bend down and grab your ankles.
Sonido 170 - (Mulder) - You know, you had a pair of agents that could have handled a case like this. Agent Scully and I might have been able to save that man's life but you shut us down.
(Skinner) - I know. It should have been an X-File.
Sonido 171 - (Scully) - They are not creatures that go around attacking people.
(Mulder) - Well that's good. I didn't want to hafta tell Skinner that his murder suspect was a giant blood sucking worm.
Sonido 172 - (Scully) - Agent Mulder, I'm Dana Scully, I've been assigned to work with you.
(Mulder) - Oh isn't it nice to be suddenly so highly regarded, so who did you tick off to get stuck with this detail Scully?
(Scully) - Actually I'm looking forward to working with you, I've heard a lot about you.
(Mulder) - Oh really? I was under the impression that you were sent to spy on me.
(Scully) - If you have any doubt about my qualifications or credentials...
(Mulder) - Your a medical doctor, you teach at the academy, got your undergraduate degree in physics. Einsteins twin paradox, a new interpretation, Dana Scully's senior thesis now that's a credential, rewriting Einstein.
(Scully) - Did you bother to read it?
(Mulder - I did! I liked it. It's just that in most of my work, the laws of physics rarely seem to apply.
Sonido 173 - (Scully) - Do you have a theory?
(Mulder) - I have plenty of theries.
Sonido 174 - (Mulder) - Do you believe in the exestance of extraterrestrials?
(Scully) - Logically I would have to say no.
Sonido 175 - (Scully) - Any you suspect what, bigfoot?
(Mulder) - Not likely. That's a lot of flannel to be choking down even for bigfoot.
Sonido 176 - (Scully) - What do you think?
(Mulder) - I think I'm gonna suggest that we sleep with the lights on.
Sonido 177 - (Mulder) - How's she doin?
(Doctor) - She's still not out of the woods so to speak, she loat a lot of fluids. Two or three more hours of exposure, she might not have made it.
(Mulder) - I told her it was gonna be a nice trip to the forest.
Sonido 178 - (Mulder) - Rugged manly men in the full bloom of their manhood.
(Scully) - Right but what am I looking for?
(Mulder) - Anything strange, unexplainable, unlikely... a boyfriend?
Sonido 179 - (Mulder) - That's pretty impressive Scully.
Sonido 180 - (Scully) - I'm suprised you havn't already read that issue.
(Mulder) - Oh I have. April is the crulest month but mine didn't come with this, I found that between Ms. April and women of the ivy league.
Sonido 181 - (Mulder) - You see what he did to my phone?
(Scully) - So what are we supposta charge him with assulting a cellular phone?
Sonido 182 - (Scully) - Feel free to jump in any time.
(Mulder) - Why? You were doing just fine.
Sonido 183 - (Scully) - Mulder.
(Mulder) - Ya?
(Scully) - What's in your pocket?
Sonido 184 - (Mulder) - That's great now can you make me a little charib that squirts water?
Sonido 185 - (Mulder) - Gotta love that global economy huh?
Sonido 186 - (Scully) - What would a Japanese diplomat be doing in that house with a dead man with his head stuffed in a pillow case?
(Mulder) - Obviously not strengthening international relations.
Sonido 187 - (Scully) - So tour saying this is man-made?
(Mulder) - What eles would it be?
Sonido 188 - (crashing sound)
(Mulder) - I get tired of losing my gun.
Sonido 189 - (Mulder) - Why do you refuse to believe?
(Scully) - Beleaving's the easy part Mulder, I just need more then you I need proof.
(Mulder) - You think that believing's easy?
Sonido 190 - (Scully) - What is it?
(Mulder) - According to the magazine ad I answered it's an alien autopsy, gaurenteed authentic.
(Scully) - You spent money for this?
Sonido 191 - (Scully) - Mulder don't get on the train.
Sonido 192 - (Mulder) - Did he bite you?
(Scully) - No but he tried to.
Sonido 193 - (DeepThroat) - And a lie Mr. Mulder is most convincingly hidden between two truth's.
Sonido 194 - (Mulder) - But you'd be in trouble just sitting in this car, and I'd hate to see you carry an official reprimand in your career file because of me.
(Scully) - Fox...
(Mulder) - Heh, and I, I even made my parents call me Mulder... Mulder
(Scully) - Mulder I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you.
(Mulder) - If there's an iced tea in that bag, it could be love.
(Scully) - Must be fate Mulder, rootbear.
(Mulder) - Aw.
(Scully) - Your delearous, go home and get some sleep.
Sonido 195 - *click*
(Scully) - Hello? Just a couple clicks, must be a wrong number.
(Mulder) - I'll tell you what, um, I'm gonna sleep on it, and we'll talk about it in the morning.
(Scully) - Mulder you're rushing me out of the room.
(Mulder) - No I'm not.
(Scully) - Do you have a girl coming over?
(Mulder) - What's a girl? I got a movie I wanna watch on TV, sleep tight, see you in the morning.
Sonido 196 - (Mulder) - I didn't order room service.
(Scully) - This isn't funny Mulder.
(Mulder) - Meet Max?
(Scully) - Who?
(Mulder) - Max, from NICAP, ah they must have released him. Another intrepid soul in search of a close encounter.
(Scully) - Is that what this is about?
(Mulder) - What else?
Sonido 197 - (Scully) - 75% blood loss, thay's over four litres of blood.
(Mulder) - Could say the man was running on empty.
Sonido 198 - (Mulder) - They're out to put an end to the X-Files Scully, I dunno why but any excuse will due.
Sonido 199 - (Scully) - Those are the most paranoid people I have ever met, I don't know how you could think what they say is even remotely plausable.
(Mulder) - I think it's remotely plausable that someone might think your hot.
Sonido 200 - (Langly) - Is this your sceptical partner?
*camera click*
(Frohike) - She's hot.
(Byers) - You don't believe that the CIA, threatened by a loss of power and funding because of the collapse of the cold war wouldn't dream of having the old enemy back?
(Scully) - I think you give the government too much credit. I mean the, the government can't control a defecit or manage crimes, what makes you think they can plan and execute such an elaborate conspiricy?
(Frohike) - She is hot.
Sonido 201 - (Some Woman) - I'm selling limited edition prints, twenty dollars, down to my last five if your interested.
(Mulder) - Put it on my tab.
(Scully) - Sucker.
(Mulder) - What would be the chances of someone like me seeing a UFO?
(Scully) - Catch ya outside.
Sonido 202 - (Mulder) - I tied up an airphone for three hours, I don't speak Japanese but I think some businessman told me to stick a peice of sushi where the sun don't shine.
Sonido 203 - (Scully) - Those lights the driver saw may have been swamp gas.
(Mulder) - Swampgas?
(Scully) - It's a natural phenemona in which phosphate and methaine from decaying organic matter ignite greating globs of blue flame.
(Mulder) - Happens to me when I eat doger dogs.
Sonido 204 - (Scully) - Mulder the truth is out there, but so are lies.
Sonido 205 - *knock knock*
(Mulder) - Sorry, nobody down here but FBI's most unwanted.
Sonido 206 (ER Doctor) - Your going to have to calm down sir.
(Mulder) - I will calm down when somebody gives me a reason to calm down, now I'm looking for a patient that was admitted to the ER.
(ER Doctor) - Dana Scully.
(Mulder) - Yes.
(ER Doctor) - I heard you the first time.
(Mulder) - Well where is she?
Sonido 207 (Cancerman) - It seems I've been left out of the loop.
(Elder) - No doubt.
(Cancerman) - You were watching Mulder, you had a man on him, no one bothered to inform me of this.
(Elder) - I know nothing about a man.
(Cancerman) - I will not be cut out like this! You need my expertise.
Sonido 208 - (Skinner) - Where you going?
(Mulder) - Not to see you.
(Skinner) - Your moving pretty good for a dead man.
(Mulder) - I'm only half dead.
(Skinner) - You got a lot to answer for agent Mulder.
Sonido 209 - (Mulder) - That helps you how does that help me?
Sonido 210 - (Mulder) - Keep goin FBI woman.
Sonido 211 - (Mulder) - Name Skinner and save myself?
(Blevins) - That's what I called you here to reccomend, as a friend.
Sonido 212 - (Bill Scully) - You really believe this crap don't you?
(Mulder) - Yes I do.
(Bill Scully) - See... she's your big defender but, I think the truth is she doesn't want to dissapoint you.
(Mulder) - If it works, I don't care what you think she thinks.
(Bill Scully) - Your a real peice of work you know that Mr. Mulder.
(Mulder) - Why's that, bacause I don't think the way you think? Because I don't just sit passively back and watch the family tragety unfold?
(Bill Scully) - Your the reason for it. I've already lose one sister to this quest your on, now I'm losing another. Has it been wourth it? To you I mean, have you found what you've been looking for?
(Mulder) - No.
(Bill Scully) - No. You know how that makes me feel?
(Mulder) - I think I do, I lost someone very close to me. I lost a sister, I lost my father. All because of this thing I'm looking for.
(Bill Scully) - What? Little green aliens?
(Mulder) - Yea, little green aliens.
(Bill Scully) - Your one sorry son of a bitch.
Sonido 213 - (Mulder) - One sorry son of a bitch speaking.
Sonido 214 - (DeepThroat) - Calling it a night Mr. Mulder?
(Mulder) - My mother usually likes me home before the streetlights come on.
Sonido 215 - (Mulder) - You give me one worm, you'll infect me.
(Scully) - If that's true, then why didn't you let us inspect you?
(Mulder) - I would have but you pulled a gun on me, now I don't trust him, I want to trust you.
(Scully) - Ok. But now they're not here.
Sonido 216 - (Krycek) - You can't, you gonna leave me out here I'm gonna freeze to death.
(Skinner) - Just think warm thoughts.
Sonido 217 - (Krycek) - US department of transportation estimates that over 190 000 fatal car crashes every year are caused by sleeping.
(Mulder) - Did they estimate how many people are put to sleep by their statistics?
Sonido 218 - (Mulder) - Krycek. I thought guns were against the law here.
(Krycek) - Yea well you know what they say, when guns are outlawed...
Sonido 219 - (Mulder) - Feel better?
(Krycek) - Like a new man.
Sonido 220 (Krycek) - The truth, the truth, there's, there's no truth. These men, they just make it up as they go along, they're the engineer's of the future, they, they're the real revolutionaries, I can get them for you too.
Sonido 221 - (Mulder) - Allright what do you want to know?
(Krycek) - The truth, there's things your not telling me that I need to know.
(Mulder) - It's just that my ideas aren't usually that popular.
Sonido 222 - (Krycek) - You go underground you gotta learn to live with the rats.
(Mulder) - Sure you had no trouble adapting, your an invertibrate scumsucker whose moral dipstick's about two drops short of bone dry.
Sonido 223 - (Krycek) - You put me up here man I'm lookin forward to see how you get me out.
Sonido 224 - (Skinner) - You pull that trigger you'll be killing two men, now I want to know where Mulder is.
Sonido 225 - (Skinner) - Lets clean up this mess before it gets completely out of hand.
Sonido 226 - (Skinner) - Miss Scully I think you underestimate the duties and responsibilities of my position as Assistant Director.
Sonido 227 - (Skinner) - Is there a problem agent Mulder?
Sonido 228 - (Skinner) - Welcome to the wonderful world of high-tech knowledge.
Sonido 229 - (Mulder) - Ok it's not the finely detailed insanity that you've come to expect from me it's just a theory.
Sonido 230 - (Scully) - There's not going to be an autopsy.
Sonido 231 - (Mulder) - What did this turn out to be?
Sonido 232 - (Scully) - From a dry skin sample your concluding what that he's some kinda fat sucking vampire?
Sonido 233 - (Scully) - There are hits, and there are misses, and then there are misses.
Sonido 234 - (Mulder) - I'm glad I could bring a little smile into your life Mr. Bruckman.
Sonido 235 - (Clyde Bruckman) - You know there are worse ways to go but I can't think of a more undignified one then auto-erotic asphyxiation.
(Mulder) - Why are you telling me that?
Sonido 236 - (Mulder) - If the future is written then why bother to do anything?
Sonido 237 - (Mulder) - To be honest Scully, doesn't that propane tank bare more then just a slight resemblance to a fat little white Nazi stormtrooper?
(Scully) - Mulder the human mind naturally seeks meaningful patterns of configuration so things that don't inherently have any, giving the suggestion of a particular image you couldn't help but see that shape somewhere, if that thing were in there you'd see in a, in a rock, or in a tree...
(Mulder) - Did you answer my question?
(Scully) - Yes it looks like a fat little white Nazi stormtrooper but that only proves my point.
Sonido 238 - (Mulder) - Allright I'm lookin down at this banana cream pie and then what?
Sonido 239 - (Scully) - Did you find what you were looking for?
Sonido 240 - (Scully) - Thanks for ditching me.
Sonido 241 - (Skinner) - I stand right on the line that you keep crossing.
Sonido 242 - (Mulder) - Those are the risks we take, you either accept them or you don't, we all draw our own lines.
Sonido 243 - (Mulder) - How was the opera?
(Mr. X) - Wonderful I've never slept better.
Sonido 244 - (Scully) - How did you get this?
(Skinner) - Unofficial channels.
Sonido 245 - (Scully) - Hey, how you feeling?
(Mulder) - Like I got a bad case of freezer burn.
Sonido 246 - (Skinner) - What's going on here agent Mulder why are the lights out?
(Mulder) - Orders from my optimologist.
Sonido 247 - (Scully) - Many of the things I've seen challange my faith and my belief in an ordered universe, but this uncertainty has only strenghtened my need to know, to understand, to apply reason to those things which seem to defy it.
Sonido 248 - (Mulder) - It's a good story, but I've heard a lot of good stories lately.
Sonido 249 - (Scully) - I have cancer.
Sonido 250 - (Skinner) - What'll it take?
(Cancerman) - For agent Scully's life, what would you offer?
(Skinner) - What will it take?
Sonido 251 - (Scully) - I'm fine Mulder, quit staring at me I'm fine.
Sonido 252 - (Skinner) - So you want to setup a meeting, with whom?
(Mulder) - Cigarette man.
Sonido 253 - (Scully) - If not for which I might never have been so strong now, as I cross to face you, and look at you incomplete, hoping that you will forgive me, for not making the rest of the journey with you.
Sonido 254 - (Mulder) - I refuse to believe that.
Sonido 255 - (Scully) - Sometimes I wish I were that impulsive.
Sonido 256 - (Scully) - I don't go out very much.
Sonido 257 - (Scully) - Nah, I wish I could say that we were going in circles but we're not, we're, we're going in an endless line, two steps forwards and three steps back, while my own life is, standing still.
Sonido 258 - (Scully) - The crummy bar you told me about, take me there.
Sound 259 - (Scully) - Why don't I have a desk?
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